Ed Heron is a Welsh painter living in Derbyshire, UK. He has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Derby and a Foundation Diploma Level 3 in Art and Design, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

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Ed Heron.

My painting practice deals with ambiguity and revelation. I aim to give physical manifestation to the confused thoughts and feelings that my audience and I have to deal with. My hope is that my artwork expresses something of the vagaries of human psychology, and our attempts to make sense of this. It is not my intention to dictate meaning in my paintings to the viewer. Instead, I give my audience tantalising clues, such as hints of the figure and one-word titles, to allow them to find meaning based on their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.


I take the human figure as my starting point because of its capacity to express emotions through gesture. However, the image of the figure is abstracted by means of processes such as rapid sketching, the obscuring of images using layers of paint, and the obliteration of the image using solvents or palette knives. I make extensive use of what I call a monoprint/painting technique, using either acrylic or oil, which I have developed throughout my undergraduate course. I want to give equal weight to descriptive mark making, which describe recognisable objects and figures, and marks that show the rich substance of paint itself.